About us

At Complete Umbrella we make contracting easy by relieving you of administrative burdens.

Experienced in recruitment, payroll, and contractor payroll services: we are a trusted Umbrella company providing contractors, freelancers, and agency workers alike relief from some of the responsibilities, financial obligations, and admin that come from being a contractor or limited company.

Our options offer contracting solutions that enable contractors, freelancers, and agency workers to enjoy contracting with less of the hassle and more of the benefits.

You have our support whenever you need it. You also have access to our 24/7 online portal - for payslips, time sheets and invoices. 

Our team are experts in their field delivering a high standard of service - as standard. We provide peace of mind and enable contractors to focus on contracting.

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What Can I Expect With Complete Umbrella?

  • We get you set up quickly, so you can focus on your work.
  • Contractors have access to a 24/7 online portal system, which enables you to submit both timesheets and expense claims online.
  • We’ll send you live updates on your payroll via SMS.
  • Payments are made as soon as we receive money in - same day.
  • Tax relief on allowable expenses.
  • Statutory employment rights.
  • Inclusive insurance cover:
    • £10 million Employers Liability.
    • £5 million Public Liability Insurance.
    • £1 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Ultimately, an Umbrella is designed to make contracting easy enabling contractors, freelancers, and agency workers to focus on contracting and relieving the stress and confusion of paperwork, taxes, and legislation.

Joining Complete Umbrella

When you join Complete Umbrella, you become a part of the family. We will be ready to assist whenever you have any questions or need any assistance.

Complete Umbrella’s services is contractor-focused, reliable, trusted, and efficient. We help you get the most out of contracting in ensuring you legitimately receive the best possible take-home pay whilst relieving you of administrative anchors.

The first step in joining is to get in touch. We’ll discuss your personal circumstances and how our options can work to enhance your contracting career.

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I appreciate the excellent support from all the team. Thanks all.

Mike, IT Analyst, Manchester