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Complete Umbrella is an umbrella company (or its official term an Employment Management Company) offers contractors, freelancers, locums, interims and any other type of temporary worker, some of the benefits of being a limited company without all the responsibilities, hassle and cost of the financial management. It also means contractors can be legally tax-efficient and not be concerned with all the implications of the IR35 rules.

In simple terms, an umbrella company acts as an employer for independent contractors who work under temporary contracts, very often through an employment agency, but also directly with end clients.

Complete Umbrella will become your employer and will work with you under a Contract of Employment. We will liaise with the agency or client under a B2B contract. You will be required to confirm your acceptance of each assignment. On completion of your first period of work, you will complete time sheets, which can be done easily via our online 24/7 portal, and your client or agency will also need to authorise the work you have completed. As soon as the client or agency pay, we will pay you the same day (within working hours). We will support you as and when you need us.

An Umbrella is a simple, admin-friendly PAYE solution. Your client or agency won’t be your employer, which leaves you with a lot of questions relating to taxes and legislation. We take that off your shoulders and we pay you - a simple solution.

Complete Umbrella deals with contractors from many different industries including:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Financial Services and Banking
  • Aircraft and Aerospace
  • Education
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  • Journalism
  • Telecoms

We can usually help you for up to 183 days (per tax year) If you are a UK tax resident. One of our specialists will be happy to clarify for your and answer any questions you have. Call us on 0333 366 0137 without obligation.

We appreciate that every contractor has different circumstances and we have developed hassle-free solutions to suit every individual.

  • Fast set up.
  • Access to our 24/7 online portal.
  • Specialised support.
  • Inclusive insurance cover:
    • £10 million Employers Liability.
    • £5 million Public Liability Insurance.
    • £1 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Payments made the same day as payments received.
  • SMS update service on payroll status.
  • Tax relief on allowable expenses.
  • Statutory employment rights.
  • Compliant with UK Legislation including IR35

You will have a Contract of Employment and become an employee.

We enter into a B2B contract with your client or agency giving Complete Umbrella the permissions to invoice them for your work on the supply of your skills.

Umbrella companies retain a margin from the agreed Contract Rate; at Complete Umbrella this is £25 per week or £100.00 per month.

Our policy covers you for:

  • £10 million Employers Liability.
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance.
  • £1 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

No; as an employee of Complete Umbrella you will not enter the scope of IR35. You will be a PAYE employee.

As an employee of Complete Umbrella, we will assist you with tax relief on allowable expenses. The only variance in your take-home pay will be the agreed margin paid to Complete Umbrella. For a quick guide use our Online Calculator or call us with any questions on 0333 366 0137.

You can call us on 0333 366 0137 or register here. We will advise you of the documents we require or send you an email if you register online. We will answer any questions you have. We will get in touch with your agency or client/s and confirm the details of your first assignment.

If you don’t have a P45 please let us know. We can provide you with a temporary tax code. HMRC will update this within a few weeks.

As soon as your client pays - we pay you. We make same-day payments within working hours and will let you know when this happens via SMS.

We’ll send you an email and an SMS when your payment has been made. Your payslip will show you the amount you have been paid as well as deductions for Tax, National Insurance, and our Umbrella margin.

Our same-day payments are made directly to your UK bank account.

When you join Complete Umbrella, you become an employee, so we take care of VAT, PAYE, and NI obligations.

Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC) is legislation that was introduced in April 2016. The legislation is in place to establish whether you are eligible to claim for Travel and Subsistence (T&S) expenses. If you are working on a contract and you are not subject to supervision, direction or control or the right of supervision, direction or control, then you will be eligible to claim for Travel and Subsistence. You may still be able to claim Travel and Subsistence expenses if you are under supervision, direction or control if you fall into the definition of a multi-site worker.

A multi-site worker is a contractor that attends multiple sites throughout one contract to complete the agreed work. You are likely to be eligible for tax relief on travel expenses if this is the case.

You will be eligible to claim any HMRC allowable expenses as applicable. If you fall into the scope of a multi-site worker , or if you pass HMRC’s SDC test, you will be able to claim tax-free expenses.Any expenses you claim must be allowable by HMRC. Contractors are allowed to claim tax free expenses if they either pass the SDC test set by HMRC, or can be classed as a multisite worker.

Any details we have will be kept completely confidential at all times. You can view our privacy policy here.

Should you decide to terminate your employment with Complete Umbrella, we just need you to give us notice. We will be sad to see you go, but we will make it as hassle-free as possible and wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

We will collect any outstanding payment due and make a final payment to you. We will issue your P45 and welcome you should you wish to return in the future. You can call us at any time on 0333 366 0137.

Once you have been working at the same site for 24 months, you will no longer be eligible to claim for Travel and Subsistence expenses.

Rechargeable expenses need to be authorised by your client or agency. These are costs incurred on a day-to-day basis in order to complete the work and, if previously agreed, will be reimbursed to you. It’s important that these are agreed as soon as possible and included in your contract.

When you leave basic PAYE payroll with an agency or fulltime employment and go to work on a temporary basis through an Umbrella Company, such as Complete Umbrella, the rate of pay you are offered is generally Increased.

Your standard PAYE rate of pay will usually be uplifted to cover the increased cost for Employers NI contributions This enhanced pay is sometimes referred to as 'uplifted pay' or a 'limited rate.' The enhancement can also include a proportion for holiday pay. It is always best to ask your agency / client what rate you will be on if you use an Umbrella Company and how much higher this is than basic PAYE, as well as what the enhancement covers.

No, there’s no minimum or maximum period that you are required to stay with Complete Umbrella.

When you work via an Umbrella, you are contracted with an enhanced rate of pay payable by your agency or client; this includes your statutory holiday entitlement, You will be able to see how this is calculated on your payslip. Unlike a permanent, full-time employee, you have the choice of what to do with your holiday pay. You can use them for holiday leave or you can spend the funds and take any holiday time unpaid.

We have a 24/7 online portal on which you can submit your timesheets. You can send these via email if required.

You can submit your expenses via our 24/7 online portal. You can send these via email if required.

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot assist in finding you work. You are required to do this yourself, or you can find assistance from a recruitment business. We have great relationships with some reputable recruiters, and we’d happily give you their details to get you on the right path.

To comply with current legislation, we are required to request KYC (Know Your Customer) from all new contractors. You will need to supply one form of  photo ID e.g. a current passport, drivers license, national ID card), along with proof of address e.g. a recent bank statement or utility bill which should be no more than 3 months old. We will also need proof of earnings and your P45 if applicable.

If you are not an EU national the requirements differ. We will require your current Residence Permit or Visa.

Please call us on 0333 366 0137 for details and assistance.

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